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Leagrave Youth Work Action Group (LYWAG)

Festival 2019

Juan tries to impress the cashier at the express checkout lane of the supermarket one night, but he must first face his own twisted imagination.

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In 1973 Stanley Kubrick came to Ireland and brought the whole goddamn British Army. A multi award winning light hearted romantic comedy set behind the scenes of the filming of Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. Narrated by Brian Cox

In Ancient Phoenicia, an old man is conned into believing that he had sinned by treating a man as his work-donkey for many years, and seeks forgiveness from the Gods to relieve himself of his wrongdoing.

Loosely based on the 10th-century folktale: The Simpleton and the Sharper, from A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.


M.E., the imprisoned character in a room is attracted to a hanging light and tries to catch it. But the room itself becomes an obstacle on his way.

After not seeing eye to eye for a long time, two brothers are forced to work together for one momentous task… to paint their Gran's shed.

Maria wakes up a prisoner in Frank's house and yet seemingly goes along with his demands. The true nature of their relationship is revealed when some unexpected guests arrive for dinner.

Naca is an inspirational story about a young, Bengali, Muslim man's, leap of truth. Set in the diverse town of Luton, Raheem comes from a tightly knit community in Bury Park. He has dreams of becoming a dancer but struggles to find a balance and feels conflicted by his strict traditions. Determined to reshape the path that has been set before him, he begins to pave his own way but judgement from his family threatens the pursuit of his passion. Naca sheds light and gives a voice to the silent stories of those battling with the expectations of faith and culture

A monster terrorizes a little girl in her room late at night, and she must find the courage to defeat it! But things are not as they seem...

A playful, father-son story about a young horse named Charlie who grows increasingly frustrated by his dad's his lame jokes.

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The Luton Youth Festival

Saturday 6th July