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Leagrave Youth Work Action Group (LYWAG)




During the current corona virus crisis we will be hosting online guitar lessons.

You can also watch our videos on facebook by clicking here  



Frequently Asked Questions


Why have you made the lessons free?

Our aim is to encurage as many people as possible to learn an instrument. During the lock down we wanted to share this opportunity as widely as possible


Why are they only 5 to 15 minutes long?

Though our weekly lessons are between 30 to 60 minutes we felt a  shorter daily lesson would give everyone a regualr routine and be something people can practise throughout the day.


Why are you not making the lesson live and private through facebook or zoom?

We want to keep them online after the lesson has finished. Alot of services are offering private lessons, however we advice everyone to think about thier own and their families  internet safety during this time. This was the safest and easiest way for us to share the lessons across a number of platforms.


Lots of music tutors are trying to earn money charging a fee for lessons, does this damage that?

No, we have designed our lessons to compliment whatever lessons you current tutor is offering. Our lessons are not one to one and are deliberatly short to prevent them being in competition to anyone offering a paid service


Is they an age limit?

No the lesson are available to everyone one so if you have a guitar please join in.


There was something in the video I struggled with or didnt understand

Make a comment on the video and Carl, our tutor, will respond. The Friday lesson will  be shaped around your comments, requests  and what you would like him to repeat or cover.


When the lock down is finished can we keep learning with Leagrave Youth?

Yes. Our community and school based lessons will resume as soon as it is safe to do so and we always welcome new members. The lesson are free and you may also recieve the free loan of an instrument


The video is not playing properly

Each new video is scheduled to be available from 10am, weekdays. If it is not playing after five minutes please watch our facebook page or email us to let us know [email protected]


I attend a Leagrave Youth Guitar Club at school and haven't yet been issued a guitar.

We have delivered a stock of guitars and cases to the schools, they will be in touch to arrange for you to get the guitar. If you haven't heard from them by Friday 10th April. Please email us at [email protected]



Is the Luton Youth Festival still happening?

The Luton Youth Festival is due to take place on Saturday 4th July. Under the emergency rules large gatherings are not allowed to take place. We do not yet know how long  the rule banning public events will be in place. If the rules are scheduled to be lifted before July we will go ahead on our scheduled date. If the ban on public gatherings is still in place, we will pospone the festival and hold it on an alternatvie date. We are currently confirming possible alternative dates for the festival to take place on later in the year, if  we are unable to proceed on our scheduled date.  We hope to be able to update you at the end of May - THE FESTIVAL HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED , PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION


Why hasnt the Luton Youth Festival already been cancelled when other major events have?

The Luton Youth Festival is run by a team of volunteers. As a free event there are no issues with ticketing. Many events have had complex descisions on staffing and their ability to deliver. Most of our preperation is already in place, thought the festival may as a result alter in content to previous years. If all our key partners are available it is also relatively easy for us to move to an alternative date.  We believe when the current lockdown and period of issolation has come to an end our community will want to come together, what ever date this happens the festival provides that opportunity.